Saturday, October 10, 2009


Twenty Nine Palms Highway, a long road lined with mom and pop spots, art galleries, book stores, sale upon yard sale, is thee place to find one-of-a-kind gems. Mt. Fuji General Store, owned by artist Chantale Doyle was among my favorite places to visit. The quaint shop sells everything from salt shakers to comic books. Mt. Fuji houses the work of well knowns such as John Porcellino, while also welcoming locals to showcase their talent. My find: a heather gray tunic, screenprinted with hot pink organic twisting clouds, accented with black and white striped pockets. Surrounding Mt. Fuji you can find a sweet place to grab a cup of coffee at TeaCakes Bakery or choose from several vintage thrift shops to find that special something you've been looking for. I highly recommend taking the drive to desert and enjoying the scenery, art and culture that a small town has to offer. 

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