Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The aPOPcalypse is coming September 18th!

 OK, so the world isn't actually going to end, sorry to scare you, but now that we've got your attention, check this out! The Head Shop and Brunch! Magazine are getting together for another show, this time at the ARTery in sometimes sunny Costa Mesa, CA, and we've got one hell of a damn show for you.

Featuring the work of Dennis Larkins, Shawn Sandfer, Christie Yuri-Noh, Virginia Valdez, Zack Bowen, Andy Anderson, Brian Lucett and Jenna McHale this show will show you a thing or two about survival. 

Crumpled $1 - Christie Yuri-Noh
As you're all aware, the apocalypse is fast approaching. Whether you believe what the Mayans said or not, we all need to be prepared - and what better way to get prepared than by joining The Head Shop, the freaks from Brunch! Magazine, and a slew of local artists for the opening night of aPOPcalypse - apocalyptic art, the smooth musical stylings of DJs Malcolmesque, DJ Lando Calrissian and DJ Jesse Bobby, plus wine and beer (while supplies last), and enough snack foods to survive for several hours after any apocalyptic fate.

The apocalypse won't really knock us not hopefully, the show will be up for two full weeks starting opening night, Saturday, September 18th and extending to October 3rd.
So remember friends, don't worry about the end of the world, you've got the aPOPcalypse to look forward to!

Art Show Details
When: Sat., Sept. 18th 2010, 7-11pm
Runs: Sept 18th- Oct 3rd
Where: The ARTery @The Lab
2930 Bristol St., Costa Mesa CA

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